17Feb 2021

I had a wonderful experience at the Canter Equine Therapy: I went in skeptical thinking maybe I wouldn’t gain much in terms of therapy but at least I would get to interact with the horses. I was completely wrong in my initial assumptions; Words could not adequately describe my experiences of the sessions I attended, […]

11Feb 2021

We met the horses and we talked about respect and were we feel respected a lot of us said home so we built a house out of stuff. By William

13Apr 2020

We had a fantastic day at the CANter March 2020 Open Day.  We were fortunate enough to have people from all different vocations from Chloe from the amazing charity Embrace to Herfordshire’s Constabulary  to name but a few. The day gave a fantastic first hand insight to how CANter facilitates a programme of 6 sessions […]