Who We Are

We work together both planning and facilitating our work whilst maintaining our continuing personal development, As members of a worldwide reputable organisation EAGALA we have access to research, training and information.

Suzanne & Denise are both Enhanced DBS checked in valid date for recognition. Suzanne is First Aid Trained.

CANter- Equine Assisted Learning & Psychotherapy Team includes our specialist team of horses who have various contributing factors & characteristics.

suzanne adamthwaite

BHS Intermediate Instructor. She is the qualified Eagala Equine Specialist.

Suzanne qualified in 2014 and is now the Eagala Network Co-ordinator for London and South East.

She is a freelance instructor working with individuals, local riding clubs and various Pony Clubs.

As well as a trainee British Dressage Judge.

Suzanne exudes energy, passion and confidence whilst gently and quietly allowing the horses to do their work with the clients.

Denise Sadleir

BSc. Counsellor & Psychotherapist since 2005 & accredited in 2009. Denise works in Private Practice and is committed to women’s welfare and multi cultural community programmes. Qualifying with Eagala in 2015 she worked in Ireland with vulnerable adults and their children. Since returning to the UK in 2017 Denise has been promoting Mental Health and Well Being programmes and working with Suzanne and this team of horses. Denise has a wealth of life and professional experience that she constantly puts into practice showing sensitivity and awareness.


Woody is a 19 year old Irish sport horse. He began his career eventing & left, moving on to become a consistently successful dressage horse.

We consider him to be a rather sensitive wise old owl, who rarely misses a trick.

He has been doing these equine assisted programmes on & off for the past 8 years now.


Tanner is a 16 year old appaloosa gelding that is the most inquisitive of the herd. He is an amazing stunning dressage horse, who has been placed in the top 10 National not only for Pony Club & Riding Club but also as an individual superstar, nevertheless he loves the equine programmes & fully engages with everybody, often bringing a smile to faces.


Gigi is a 20 year old part thoroughbred mare who has in the past evented. She has an intense friendship with Lilibet & is quiet and maternal with some of the children. GiGi has been doing equine assisted programmes for some 9 years now, her gentle ways are key within our team.


Lilibet is a 14 year old highland mare, pure white with a long flowing mane and tail, appealing to lots of the children, she is the newest member of the herd and has been doing this work for just over a year – we believe she is a unicorn in disguise.


Duchess is a sensitive 10 year old registered Irish Draught horse. After coming over from Ireland in 2017 she began a successful show jumping career. In 2019 after settling in at "the Stables"  Duchess has widened her horizons!

Her newest challenge is to become an event horse along with joining the therapy team. Duchess is an honest and kind horse with a huge sense of fun her gentle maternal nature has meant she has taken to therapy work very quickly indeed and just adores being with the children!