Frequently Asked Questions

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    What do you do in equine learning and therapy?

    CANter works with a client or a group of clients in an outdoor setting using a variety of activities and tasks with the horses and equipment designed to meet the wellbeing of our clients.

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    Who can benefit from equine therapy?

    CANter provides programmes to serve different needs. The programmes are designed to serve those with mental or cognitive issues such as anger, substance abuse, addiction, anxiety, autism, depression, behavioural issues, PTSD, and many others.

  3. 3
    What are the benefits of equine assisted learning and therapy?

    Improves emotional wellbeing, increase confidence, advances social skills, reduces anger and anxiety improves self-reflection and creates calmness and peace of mind.

  4. 4
    How much does equine learning and therapy cost?

    It cost in the region of £100 a week just to keep one therapy horse but programmes can be affordable by working in a group.

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    What happens in equine learning and therapy?

    Equine therapy is experiential; horses live in the moment and mirror human emotions and attitudes. We focus on the horses reactions which are reflective.

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    How does equine learning and therapy help people?

    Horses respond to both verbal and non-verbal communication. The horse then chooses to either comply, resist, ignore or connect with the person. Just as the horse can sense when a person is trying to dominate or control them, they can also sense when a human wants a truly heartfelt connection. As the human learns how to form a sincere emotional bond with the horse, these skills can translate into healthier human connections. The interaction with the horses allows clients to access their own solutions.

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    How do horses sense your emotions?

    Horses are herd animals and in order to stay alive over many thousands of years their bodies and turned in to sense everything around them and the herd making them highly intuitive. Horses are sensitive to non-verbal communication and respond accordingly.

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    Who is the equine learning and therapy designed for?

    CANter programmes are designed for people experiencing emotional social and mental difficulties. We also run alternative courses for those wanting to learn about self-development.

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    Why CANter?

    We are a team of highly trained horses and people set in idyllic surroundings and delivering STRONG outcomes.


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