I had a wonderful experience at the Canter Equine Therapy: I went in skeptical thinking maybe I wouldn’t gain much in terms of therapy but at least I would get to interact with the horses. I was completely wrong in my initial assumptions; Words could not adequately describe my experiences of the sessions I attended, it was a serene atmosphere and I gained a lot from my time there, in every aspect of my well-being.  I was physically able to interact with the horses which was wonderful, getting to know them to fuss and lead them and having their Presence there during the sessions provided a sense of safety and calm. I engaged in the therapy activities using the equipment, which really bought it to life and provided a visual aspect to the learning. It felt spectacular spending time outdoors surrounded by the wonders of nature without the hustle and bustle of modern life.  I was able to interact with others bonding and learning together and it was really nice to have that social aspect especially during the current time where there is great disconnection between people. The experience really evoked a lot of emotions, memories and feelings especially when interacting with the horses, connecting with them, I felt moments of calm, sadness, joy and sometimes a mix of them but all in a safe environment with engaging, knowledgeable and compassionate facilitators who supported and guided us.  I learnt things about myself that I hadn’t before, it gave me a new perspective of situations and experiences and feelings. It was a time and place I will never forget and will be truly grateful to have experienced.

By K from a group of women 2020