We had a fantastic day at the CANter March 2020 Open Day.  We were fortunate enough to have people from all different vocations from Chloe from the amazing charity Embrace to Herfordshire’s Constabulary  to name but a few.

The day gave a fantastic first hand insight to how CANter facilitates a programme of 6 sessions that can build confidence, self esteem, growth & development whilst facing personal challenges or change.

The group were taken through some group sessions to show how amazing it is to work alongside the two amazing horses with the talented Eagala trained specialists Suzanne and Denise.

One of the group members gave some feedback from the day below:

“What a wonderful privilege to be a guest at Canter’s Open Day, along with some other amazing proactive people.  I was blown away by the dedication and passion Denise and Suzanne have to really make a difference in each and every person’s life, who happens to cross their path.  Their passion together with their joint expertise is the perfect recipe for Equine Assisted Therapy. 

The horses are super and know exactly how to tap into your innermost feelings, without any judgement. There is no doubt they can, without any vocalisation, judgement and opinions, teach us much about respect, responsibility, relationships, boundaries, kindness, ego to name but  a few.

Many thanks to these super fantastic ladies and horses for giving me this hands on experience.”

CANter's March 2020 Open Day